It seemed appropriate with the guys chasing Coho in the salt that I feature a Sea-run Cutthroat fly for the fly of the week. The Borden Special is a classic pattern from the vise of Bob Borden of Hareline Dubbin fame and can be found in most of the fly boxes of those who are passionate about chasing Sea-runs.

Versions of the "Special" have been tyed on larger irons for Steelhead and Salmon, but the popularity of the pattern for their smaller cousins far outweighs that use. While most likely designed for our Oregon coastal Cuttys, it seems to interest those found in Puget Sound as well and can be tyed on a variety of hooks to suit the location.

Not overly complicated to tie, the Borden Special has all of the features guaranteed to attract Sea-run Cutthroat: color, a little flash and plenty of lifelike movement. Make sure to add a few to your collection if you plan on heading to the coast this fall. 

Hook- TMC 3761 or Daiichi 1760 size 6-10 
Thread- Black
Tail- Pink and Yellow Hackle fibers
Rib- Silver tinsel
Body- Fl Hot Pink Ice dub 
Wing- White Rabbit or Arctic Fox
Hackle- Pink in front of Yellow Schlappen feathers

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