Big Andy Returns

If you’ve read fishing reports or blogs about my adventures you may have read about Big Andy, yes he is tall 6’8”. I have known him for a long long time and have been on many adventures with him, from the corrupt murder capital of the world to the steelhead capital and many places in between. 

Andy was looking for some fall steelheading and the Deschutes were looking good plus this would be a destination to check off his bucket list. I was very excited at the prospect of showing my old friend my steelhead stomping grounds. 

We made it to the river late Saturday, just in time to push away from the boat launch and find a camp before dark. Believe me when I tell you we shared a few cocktails and relived some old times. 

Sunrise came early and we had camp packed up before the sun came up. We drank coffee while we waited for the morning light. I put Andy in the bucket and I started in behind him. 

This is the way all three days went. We got three fish and a couple more grabs. Not the best and not the worst, but definitely a great time. 

This is the way the fishing has been going lately. There are a lot of fish passing through the dams and it looks like fish are starting to hopefully slow down and start going up the Deschutes. This is a great time of year for steelheading and it’s just going to get better and better. 

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