Trouthunter Fluorocarbon Tippet

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    TroutHunter Fluorocarbon was declared Overall Champion of the “2012 Tippet Shoot Out” in Fly Fisherman Magazine, receiving the highest possible score in spool design, honesty in advertised strength, abrasion resistance, invisibility to fish, casting accuracy, and expert angler’s preference.


    Nearly invisible due to its low reflective index, this double structured fluorocarbon is designed to create strong, durable knots to all tippets, while providing remarkable break strength for its diameter. Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight—get the hunter’s edge.


    The best performing Fluorocarbon on the market.

    • Superb knot strength and abrasion resistance.
    • Nearly invisible due to low refractive index.
    • 50 meter spools afford anglers superior material at a low per meter price.
    • Proprietary misty gray polycarbonate large arbor spool. Designed for low material memory and easy handling in a stackable, compact, durable design.
    • Premium rubber, water repellant tippet tender. Unique colors for each diameter.



    • 2X-6X
    • 5.5X
    • 6.5X

    Trouthunter Fluorocarbon Tippet Specifications