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It is often said that “there’s nothing new in fly tying.”  Nevertheless, the adjustable weighting system Eric Ishiwata developed for this pattern is unique.  By hitching an elastic loop around a pair of hidden bead chain eyes, it is possible to fish this pattern: 1) unweighted, 2) with a single bead, 3) with two beads, 4) with glass, brass, or tungsten beads, and 5) with neutral-colored beads or a contrasting “hot spot.” 


This system has been tested in below-freezing conditions with zero issues regarding the strength/durability of the elastic cord. You can make on-stream adjustments by just squeezing the cord through the smaller opening of a standard fly tying bead (4.6mm or larger is easiest), but if this proves challenging—or if smaller beads are desired—a short piece of tippet can be used to easily thread beads on the loop.