Daiichi 2110
Wide-gape, Limerick bend, medium wire, down-eye, forged Uses: Bombers and other flies for salmon, steelhead, bass or large trout
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Daiichi 1130, 25pk
Tiemco introduced continuous bend hooks into the American fly tying market in the 1980’s. This particular style is similar to the TMC 2487, which quickly became popularly known as a “Scud Hook” because of its shape, which is similar to the curve of freshw
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Daiichi 1190, 25pk
Ever since “Catch-and-Release” became the popular trend of fly fishers, some individuals have touted the idea of a barbless hook. The advantage being that the fisher need not pinch down the barb. Contrary however to common logic, studies of hooked fish in
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Daiichi 1260,25pk
The 1260 hook was designed in 1995 by the Orvis Company and Angler Sport Group as a hook to use specifically with metal beads to make “bead head” nymphs. The shape of the bend and standard wire facilitates the use of beads with a smaller center hole. The
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Daiichi 1280, 25 pk
Longer dry flies need longer hooks! This hook is great for hoppers, crickets, and other terrestrials as well as damselflies, stoneflies, or large mayflies.
Round bend, down-eye, 1X-fine wire, 2X-long shank,
$ 7.25 Excl. tax
Daiichi 1510, 25 pk
3X-short hooks have been very popular with fishers that used salmon eggs as bait and by flyfishers who use “artificial eggs” as patterns for steelhead trout or salmon. Fly tiers prefer this type of hook for spider and ant patterns which are successful for
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Daiichi 1530, 25 pk
In the early days of fly tying and fly-fishing, “wet flies” were king. Dry flies and nymphs today are more popular, but wet flies, which are fished subsurface, are still very successful for catching trout, steelhead, and salmon. Wet flies do not closely i
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Daiichi 1560, 25 pk
Great hook for traditional wets and nymphs
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Daiichi 1710, 25 pk
Heavy wire, 2X-long hooks are today the most popular models used for tying flies imitating nymphs (The larvae of mayflies, caddis flies, and stoneflies). They also are popular for grasshopper patterns.
Round bend, down-eye, 1X-heavy wire, 2X-long shank, f
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Daiichi 1720, 25 pk
Heavy wire, 3X-long hooks are the hooks of choice for America’s most popular fly pattern – the wooly bugger. They are also very useful for bead head nymphs and stonefly nymphs, because these patterns require the extra length.
Round bend, down-eye, 1X-hea
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Daiichi 1730, 25 pk
This hook was specifically designed to enhance the “natural appearance” of stonefly nymph fly patterns. In older fly tying recipes, tiers were often instructed to bend the hook shank of a typical 3X or 4X-long hook down, that way the final product exhibit
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Daiichi 1760, 25 pk
Round bend, down-eye, 2x-heavy wire, 2x-long, curved shank, forged. Uses: Flies for steelhead, salmon and large trout
$ 7.25 Excl. tax
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