When the 4Runner stopped and the airbags finally deflated, I started working on our new Fly Fishing Adventure Vehicle, knowing we had places to go and fish to catch in the coming year. No icy road or silly cedar tree would stop us from visiting Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and our planned 2023 Trout Bum Road Trip.

It's been a process, but the payoff is just a few weeks away as Jennifer and I depart on a 13-day trip to some of our favorite Western waters and some we have never fished. The beauty of having a mobile base camp is having the flexibility to explore places and not worry about where you'll be sleeping or having meals, and Griz has met all of our expectations. On our shakedown trips, we've learned a few things and made minor changes to the gear we take and the stuff we leave behind. We are ready.

Over the next few weeks, I'll finish the details and load up the gear for our September 5th, departure. We'll post updates when we can, but please plan on joining us on Saturday, September 23rd, in the shop as we share photos and stories of our trip. We'll also have Griz and several other Adventure Vehicles in the front lot, with owners and experts on hand to share their builds and answer questions. You'll be able to crawl around the rigs and get inspired for adventure. In the meantime, follow us on our Instagram pages @royaltreatmentflyfishing @reelhussy @flytyer27 

Speaking of Adventure Vehicles... we'll have a collection of well-equipped adventure rigs (including Griz) in the front parking lot and experts on hand to answer questions about making your own fly-fishing adventures more comfortable with vehicle-based camping options. Meet Michael Zeider of Wanderlust Overland and see some of the new gear, crawl around the builds, ask questions, and find inspiration for your dream rig.

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