The Steelheaders Pocket Dump

As a whole fly fishers are gear junkies, and working at a shop makes me thankful for that. But one thing I see on a day to day basis, is that we try to carry way too much stuff around with us, like we are pack mules. The actual act of fishing, and steelhead fishing even more so is a minimalist endeavor. In the past you may have heard me mention choice overload and streamlining your fly choice, well I also believe in streamlining your gear approach. Partly I want you to streamline your approach because I don't want you bringing 100 lbs of gear with you in my boat.....  I wasn't always like that, in the old days I would bring a whole fly shops worth of gear, now I don't even bring a change of underwear.

Of course I’m being a little extreme here, of course you need to bring stuff with you. I usually bring 4 rods and a pile of lines and flies, but they live in the boat until they get called into action. Really what I’m talking about is the stuff you have on your person. The stuff you carry into every run, that weighs you down, that gets soaked when you are wading deep, or stops you from wading deep because you don’t want it to get wet. All the stuff that you possibly ask yourself do I really need this? Well probably if you’re asking that question you don’t need. 

In this short video I empty out all my pockets and show you exactly what I step into every run with, what I feel is important, what I don’t leave home without. If you’re without any of these items click on the links below to make sure you have the necessities. 



Dr Slick Scissor Clamp Rising Hook File Abel Nippers


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