Quite possibly the best Permit fly ever tied, and a must if you are going to Cuba Read more...

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The Avalon fly is an essential fly if you are planning a trip to Cuba. 


The Avalon Fly is the result of scientific and technical research, which lasted for years. After getting several poor results in the past, and despite the best flies used by Permit fishing experts, it was realized that the instinctive reaction of the permit was first, to run scared when detecting the presence of something not familiar.


It is known that permit are very clever fish. For this reason, improving the presentation and the position of the fly in the water resulted in more strikes.


This fly has been tested both in the sea and in a swimming pool, comparing it to other patterns that were potentially attractive to permit. Viewing it underwater, we realized that some flies were falling face down as they sank, while others began to spin after the first cast and as the fly was being stripped.


So after trying fly after fly, needed to be developed with the following characteristics:


  • A fly that when it enters the water, it sinks with the hook up.
  • The fly now sits straight up keeping its balance and swims naturally, without turning or exposing the hook.
  • It SINKS faster than other patterns and it stays linear when stripping the line, simulating a shrimp.

Avalon Permit Fly 

The Avalon Permit Fly imitates a giant shrimp:


  • Tied on a #2 hook, totaling 9 cm in length, using materials such as: rabbit, orange arctic fox tail, with pearl embroidery thread, rubber bands of red and black and crystal flash that imitates the antennae. The colors of marabou and rabbit may vary from the bottom, depending on the environment in which you are fishing.
  • The eyes are 3 or 4 mm. long, which allows the blending of materials such as marabou, rabbit and fox tail with the water.
  • The cyclop eyes give a sound effect similar to vibrations in the water, making this fly simply irresistible! 


The results have been stunning, the reaction of the permit, when the fly has been successfully presented, is to attack and take it without hesitation. 

This is undoubtably one of the most effective patterns to fly fish for Permit in Caribbean waters!!


As of 5/17/2016 The Avalon fly has accounted for over 600 Permit caught with the Avalon Cuban Fishing Center