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The New Airflo Skagit F.I.S.T, Float, Intermediate, Sink Tip. This is a Skagit head with a floating back section for mending and line control, followed by a intermediate mid section to break through the surface current and then a short type 3 sink tip to attach additional sink tips to. Add 10 feet of T-10 or your personal favorite to fish slower in the swing. This line will be perfect for fishing for kings in Alaska or BC, or Steelhead throughout the Pacific region. Also this will be a great line for Atlantic Salmon when a slower swing is required.

”Called the F.I.S.T. for Floating, Intermediate, Sink-tip (clever) this Skagit style head is perfect for slowing down your swing when conditions require it. I had the chance to fish this line a few times this fall and winter with Brian Silvey on the Deschutes and Sandy rivers. I found it very easy to cast and control compared to a full sinking head. The FIST isn't really about getting deeper, it's about controlling the fly in faster water or when colder temps have fish less enthusiastic about moving. With a bright green floating section I found the FIST very easy to see in low light and it mended well. The real magic happens as the intermediate and type-3 tip dig in to slow down the swing of your fly across the current. In some cases I found I could hold the fly in a soft seam for an eternity. The FIST is the perfect platform for your favorite 10' tip. I used T-10 and found that combination cast and fished quite well in the conditions we encountered that day. I even managed to score a nice fish on the FIST.”

Joel La Follette Owner Royal Treatment Fly Fishing