Tyer's Table October Caddis with Jeff Hollamon

Jeff Hollamon is swinging by the Tyer's Table this Saturday with a collection of October Caddis patterns he has been perfecting for several months now. Well-known for his freestyle Salmon and Steelhead flies, Jeff began his feather-twisting career focusing on Trout treats and still works at pushing the envelope of fly design for our non-anadromous species.
A volunteer for Project Healing Waters, Jeff also dedicates time to serving our veterans, teaching fly-tying classes, and lending a hand at group outings. An adventurous spirit, he's been known to drive hundreds of miles in the wrong direction just to spend time on the river with friends.
Caddis are a major food source for our native Trout and a go-to pattern year-round, but nothing beats fishing big October Caddis to rising Redsides! These insects are found all across Oregon during September and October, making them a good option for East and Westside rivers. On the coast, Searun Cutthroat will smash a well-skittered Caddis on the surface, while on Deschutes or Metolius, a dead drift presentation can be met with explosive takes from some of the river's biggest residents. Oh, and summer Steelhead love an October Caddis on the swing...
This Saturday, October 7th, at 10:30, come spend time with one of our good friends, Jeff Hollamon as he makes a little magic at the Tyer's Table.
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