Two-Part Spey Class

SPEY I/II - a two-part, On-the-Water Class specifically designed to give you a needed refresher or solid foundation, homework for two weeks; then come back again to follow-up for on-the-water line control and additional casting options. 

Jan 28th- Part I- Demystify and simplify with clear principles to help you be as successful as possible when Spey fishing. Line explanations, basic knots, and how tips work in the winter, followed by on-the-water basics to get you started with enough understanding of safety and visual parameters to keep practicing. Focus on simple anchor placement, correct alignment, & eliminating tailing loops from the get-go.

9 am- 12 pm

Feb 11th- PART II- After practicing for 2 weeks, come back and build/brush up on your skills with with additional casting fundamentals, and a  focus on understanding line control.
9 am-12 pm
Total Cost- $200
-Participants will need waders, boots, sunglasses, rod/reel/line/tips, 10-12lb tippet/nippers for class, drinking water, and a snack
-Rods/reels/lines are available if need be for the day, but it is strongly suggested that you have your own equipment so you can practice in between class sessions. 
- Please be prepared and fully dressed/rigged up PRIOR to the 9 am start time
or find out more, email [email protected] 
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