#KeepFishWet ~Win a Net

It has been scientifically proven that even short exposure to air is detrimental to fish survival when fish are released. Practicing proper fishing handling techniques and encouraging others helps protect our fisheries and our sport. The traditional grip and grin photograph shows our prize catches out of water for eternity, even if the fish was returned to the water after the shutter clicked. Keeping fish in the water throughout the releasing process increases their chance of survival and sets an example for others. 

Let's make 2024 the Year of the Wet Fish! Make a personal commitment to #Keepfishwet in all of your Instagram/Facebook social media posts, and encourage your angling friends to do the same for the entire year. It's really not that hard, and it shows the world that you value and respect our angling resources. By making images of fish in water normal, we should see fewer fish out of water in our feeds this coming year.  

Royal Treatment Fly Fishing will be commissioning a custom Trout landing net ($300+ value) for one lucky "Instagram influencer" from our friend Ethan @ev_woodworks for the best social media feed showing the wonders of fly angling without fish out of water. Ethan's nets are the pinnacle of the woodworker's art, with many using unique live edge burl that make each creation a one-of-a-kind treasure. And...

Thanks to an anonymous donor, we have a $200 gift card to award to one of the participating accounts, with more prizes on the way! Join the movement and #KeepFishWet!  


As with all contests, there have to be rules....

  1. Participating accounts must follow @royaltreatmentflyfishing and @keepfishwet on Instagram
  2. Participants must tag (on Instagram) @royaltreatmentflyfishing @keep.fish.wet @ev_woodworks in their fly fishing-related images featuring fish. 
  3. Additional images protraying the beauty of our sport may be tagged as well, but it is not required. 
  4. Images on your feed of non-fly fishing subjects need not be tagged (but photos of chickens may influence at least one of our judges.)
  5. Accounts must have at least one image per month that is fly fishing related; the more, the better.
  6. Tagged images may be "vintage" as long as they meet entry requirements.
  7. Tagged or Untagged images in the feed of fish out of water will disqualify the account. 
  8. Images posted before January 1st, 2024, of fish out of water will not disqualify the account.
  9. Industry professionals (guides, fly shops, lodges, and outfitters) are eligible and encouraged to participate.
  10.  The winner will be chosen by a panel of Royal Treatment staff and industry professionals. The winning account will be announced on January 2nd, 2025, in the newsletter. The winning influencer will get creative input when it comes to the style and wood preferences of their new net.


Let's see your best effort to #KeepFishWet in 2024!

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