Cuba! With Jon Covich of World Fly

Cuba! Jon Covich of World Fly presents a pictorial journey through Cuba, with a focus on the people, the history, and the incredible fishing opportunities of this island nation. Jon has been visiting and fishing in Cuba for over 20 years and has made many friends, allowing him to share a special look into Cuban life. He has planned and hosted hundreds of anglers over the years, allowing each an opportunity to better understand the fishing and the people. A talented photographer, Jon's images capture a Cuba not always seen by the average traveler, and his relationships open doors that are sometimes closed to most visitors.

Jon has been instrumental in helping us plan our trips to Cuba, helping put together an interesting and educational itinerary when visiting this island nation. Come by the shop on Saturday, May 4 at 10:30 as Jon Covich presents an Angler's Look at Cuba

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