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If you're comfortable with the Skagit and Scandi concept, but need to polish your Spey cast, Jennifer Swope, our Spey casting shop ambassador, is offering a 3-hour Spey Casting 102 class on April 4th from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. This is session is perfect for the angler needing to solve the mystery of the tailing loop, pulled anchor, or any other casting issue you may have acquired. Jennifer will walk you through the process of what causes these distance robbing problems so you fully understand the cause and effect. She will also review your rod and line combinations and give suggestions if needed.

This 3-hour class is limited to 5-students. Sign up today!

David Plunkett
25-01-2020 03:43

Thanks for the lesson! You have really helped clarify some of the other things I’ve heard in the along the way that were not understood; you make it simple to follow. Now I just need to keep practicing!!

Wei-Li Chong
25-01-2020 03:34

The best teachers are always the best communicators. Jennifer nails it. Spey casting can seem complicated and even dangerous. Jen was able to break down every component of the swing and helped me improve almost immediately. Whether you’re a beginner or have been spey casting for years, I’m confident Jennifer can help you be a better caster and in turn catch more fish!

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