One day Spey Casting instruction with Simon Gawesworth. Please select “pick up in store” as the shipping method to avoid shipping charges. Read more...

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Royal Treatment Fly Fishing is proud and honored to offer the opportunity to spend a day with Spey Casting Guru, Simon Gawesworth. This full day of instruction is a total emersion in the art and science of the Spey cast. Under the tutelage of one of the most respected casters of our time. 

The class will meet at the shop at 8:30AM on Saturday, June 3rd,  then proceed to the river and start with a brief overview and demonstration of key terminology and principles as well as the different styles of spey casting (Skagit, Traditional and Scandinavian). After the initial talk the class begins with a check on the basic casts and their foundation that each angler/caster has. The basic casts are the forward stroke, Roll cast, Snap T and Double Spey cast (with both right hand and left hand up). A break for lunch will be taken around 12.30 and, after lunch, the class will continue and work any of the following options (depending on requirements, time available and ability):

Consolidate the basic casts
Learn alternative casts (Single Spey, Switch cast Snake Roll, Perry Poke, Wombat, etc.)
Work with sinking tips and heads
Work with long belly lines to really hone the technique
Work with single handed rods
Casting Games
Honing in the perfect line/rod combination for given situations and skills

The object of this class is to ensure that the students have a complete understanding of the mechanics of spey casting, as well as the ability to perform a range of spey casts to a competent level for any situation. 

This itinerary is only a guideline as the class can change according to how fast students learn, as well as their background experience and time available.

The cost for this class is $350 per person with enrollment limited to 6 students.
Lunch will be provided.
Please select “pick up in store” as the shipping method to avoid shipping charges.