A moderately weighted articulated streamer designed for predatory trout, but that has been used across the globe to catch many species. Read more...

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The Cheech Leech is the full meal deal. Big hungry fish chase and eat big flies. This Fly is tied with two hooks, one in the back for the timid chasers and one up front for the aggressive head on takes. This fly is everything you need for a successful streamer. 


"As a creative fly tyer I am not haunted by waters.  I am haunted by names.  Many nights as I tie flies I will have crazy fly names come into my head that really make me question whether or not I am really sane.  The Stoneflopper, Grumpy Frumpy, and Petite Sirloin Stonefly all made it off the vise, into the hands of able anglers, and eventually into the mouths of some intelligent trout.  The Caddis Leech, Samsquatch midge, and Big Lurch are still works in progress, and I’m still searching for bugs that will fit those names.  The Cheech Leech was a name that was haunting me for several months before it finally appeared onto my vise one night.  It was early one fall morning probably about 2 am.  I was chugging Mtn. Dew by the 2 liter, Bob Marley was blaring in the background, and I wasn’t going to sleep any time soon, so I started throwing stuff onto hooks.  I was pleased with what I saw after I tied the first one, but what would the fish think."

Clark "Cheech" Pierce