Tyer's Table with Bryan Cohen

Newly crowned Fly Tyer of the Year at the Oregon Council FFI Northwest Fly Tying Expo, Bryan Cohen, swings by the Tyer's Table on April 1st. to share some of the patterns that brought him fame and fortune. Known for his unique tying style, creative vision, witty banter, and stunning good looks, Bryan is always a favorite whenever he graces us with his presence. You won't want to miss this edition of our popular Saturday distraction.


Join us on Saturday, April 1st. from 10:30 to 1:00.

30 Mar 2023
Andy Jensen
Finally the Master is back in the house!!
17 Mar 2023
Ron Romeis
I got to meet Bryan at Albany this year. Had a chance to watch him tie some really "soulful" nymphs. He'll know what I mean. Congratulations Bryan and hope to see you next year.
16 Mar 2023
Scott Robbins
Stunning good looks???????
16 Mar 2023
Jeff Hollamon
Please tell me, this isn’t an April Fools rift
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