Tyer's Table with Austin Rose

Hi everyone; my name is Austin Rose. I've been fly fishing for three years now. I got into fly fishing by always wanting to do the hardest things in life. It looked like a challenge to me, and I wanted to master it. My favorite body of water is the Deschutes River. It's a very beautiful desert river with lots to look at, from rattlesnakes, wild horses, and desert flowers. One of the coolest places I have ever been to and fished are the rainforest rivers on the Oregon coast for winter steelhead. I would really like to go on a trip to Alaska to fish for Steelhead on the swing. That would be a dream come true, with all the wildlife and natural beauty. I can only imagine it's like heaven on earth.

Join us on Saturday, May 20th, at 10:30 as Austin Rose visits the Tyer's Table.

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