Tyer's Table with Adrian Cortes

This fly tyer needs no introduction, in fact, he doesn't even need a vise! Our good friend and dry fly steelhead aficionado, Adrian Cortes, stops by the Tyer's Table in August to share something a little different for him, a Trout fly!
Considered one of the most talented tyers ever to pinch a hook between his fingers, Adrian Cortes has always waded to the beat of a different drummer, and his angling pursuits have followed that same path. Bamboo rods, old reels, wool caps, and wrapping steel with silk and bits of fluff, feathers, and fur without using a vise or the complicated tools found on most tying benches; these are the trappings and passions of one who keeps an eye on the past while looking forward towards the rising sun.
Well known for his intricate Atlantic Salmon re-creations and historical Steelhead patterns, of lesser fame are patterns Adrian uses when anadromous fish are not the target species. One such pattern found fame this past spring, as the "Pig Caddis" showed up on social media firmly clamped in the jaws of a few monster Redsides. These images drew us to contact Adrian and get him scheduled at the Tyer's Table. You do not want to miss this session!
The fun starts at 10:30 on Saturday, August 26th.
24 Aug 2023
Royce S
Adrian is the bomb, I wish I could be there. Cheers Adrian!
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