Metolius River Cleanup

Let’s get ready to clean up the Metolius!
This Sunday, August 27th, 2023, please meet us at the Parking Lot just south of the Camp Sherman Store and Post Office across from the Metolius River Lodges. We will gather there at 9 am, assign our clean up volunteers a segment of river to patrol, and try to get it all done by lunchtime.
We are doing hot dogs on the grill back at the shop in Sisters 151 West Main Avenue 97759 from noon to 2 for anyone who wants to come by for a dog or a cold soda. We’ve divided the river into 12 small segments, and we hope to get between 2 and 4 volunteers into each area to scoop up trash that shouldn’t be there!
We are hoping to get 39 volunteers out there Sunday morning.
We will have a little thank you gift for all who come and provide each person with a map designating exactly where we want you to go that morning.
What to bring:
Water to drink, if you can, a paper bag or biodegradable bag to collect trash in so we don’t end up contributing to more plastic waste. We are trying to find some biodegradable or reusable bags to hand out as well, but this has been more difficult than we anticipated. If you can bring a bag, please do. We will provide gloves and send everyone out with a poop bag too.
When we are done, we can put the garbage in a dumpster at the nearest campsite to your clean-up area or bring it to FFP to throw it in our dumpster! The most important thing is it’s off the ground next to our favorite river.
If you want to RSVP, send me a PM, and that’ll help us know how many to expect.
Or shoot us an email to [email protected]
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