A few years ago, Rich was diagnosed with a very rare genetic lung disease called Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. He knew things had been getting worse lately, and at his last check-up, it was confirmed. Since December, his lung function has declined 50%. There is no cure; the only option is a double lung transplant. With that comes all of the medical bills, costs of traveling, and eventually having to move from NY to PA for a few months when the time comes. 
Not too long ago, Rich started a YouTube channel to share his passion for tying flies with the rest of the world. He has put out so much quality content in such a short period- mostly centering on classic salmon flies.  He has been doing kit giveaways that include one-on-one sessions with the winner, walking them through tying their first full-dress salmon fly.  His videos, his never-ending encouragement, and his willingness to help anyone are simply amazing.
He has helped so many in the tying community further their skills and get their feet wet in the classic salmon fly world; now it is our turn to help him.
We are raising funds to help Rich LaMonte and his family as they navigate a double lung transplant and all that comes with it. Please consider bidding on an item on social media (find them under #fliesforrich) or make a donation all on its own. Good vibes are also appreciated! 
A GoFundMe site has been established for this effort.
From the editor: The fly fishing community has always answered the call when there was a need, even if the person or cause was unknown. So while #fliesforrich is a cause that might not be mainstream, when I heard about this effort, I knew I needed to share it with the Royal Treatment family.
Since our Saturday tyer needed to reschedule, and the Fly Czar is back in the shop, I've decided to slip behind the vise and fill a box for this good cause.
So join me on Saturday, May 20th, from 10:30 to 1:00 as I twist up a few Royal Treatments and some of my other favorite patterns. Better yet, bring your vise, and tye a few flies for this worthy cause.
18 May 2023
Gary Hart
I had a double lung transplant at the University of Washington coming up on 6 years ago. I don't know if you're listed there but the UWMC transplant team is a terrific group. We have a Portland group that meets monthly via zoom and would love to have you join us. Group is made up of mostly Oregon folks that have either had a lung transplant, wait listed or working on the process, The meetings are informal and very informative. If interested, please send me an email and I'll forward information.
I've been fly fishing a long time and before my transplant I did four days on the Deschutes with a boatload of Ox tanks. I'm going on the same trip next week WITHOUT the Oxygen. The last 6 years have been wonderful.
Wishing you all the best
Gary Hart
18 May 2023
Britt Davenport
Thank you for sharing this!
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