Cookie Lady Canned Food Drive

While technically the Cookie Lady Coat and Canned Food drive is over, I've made an executive decision and we will continue to collect canned goods through the month of November. There is a great need in our area for food baskets and I feel it's a need the Royal Treatment community can fill. So, keep those canned goods coming!
The guys will be contacting our raffle winners this week, but if you didn't win, don't dispare! We're going to keep all none-winning tickets in the drawing for a Hardy Salmon 2 Spey Reel! Keep the canned goods coming and I'll shake the bushes for more prizes to award in November! Stand by for more information when I return from Cuba.

The Beneficiaries

All canned goods donated will be going to the West Linn Food Pantry in Old Willamette. 
Your unexpired canned food needs to be dropped off at the shop.
Drop your donations at 21570 Willamette Drive, West Linn) before the end of November.
One raffle ticket per 10 cans of food. 
Joel La Follette
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