Nick's November Report

Nick's November Report

Nick's files his November forecast/report without sharing details of his own angling successes... you'll need to ask him where he's been fishing...

November is one of the best months for fishing, but not for the faint of heart. This is the real start of the cold fishing season; this T-shirt weather fishing has spoiled us. November separates the boys from the men. Get your puffy jackets and fleece pants ready; winter is coming, and with it chrome steelhead, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. Summer steelhead are still around, and trout fishing can still be crazy good. This is why I love fishing in November.


Let's start by talking about the east side. Summer steelhead may not have had the most prolific returns, but fish are still around. With fewer people willing to deal with the cold or the shorter days, most of the river is left alone, which leaves most of your favorite runs left vacant of other anglers. This makes those fish a little more aggressive with less pressure, though the water is much cooler now, and sink tip tactics will lead to more fish. Be aware the white river has still been putting a fair amount of silt in the Deschutes, so if you want to fish clearer water, you may want to stay above the confluence.


Trout fishing on the Deschutes has been spectacular if you're a Euro nympher. Dry fly hatches have been spotty from what I've heard, but if you're going to see some, it's probably going to be a BWO in the afternoon. Otherwise, get down and dirty and fish subsurface. Anything with a pink hotspot or Perdigon nymphs and egg patterns will do the ticket.


Well, what a great kick-off to the winter season locally. The rivers are up and flowing, and that's going to bring in those winter steelhead. We already have had a few reports of fresh fish being caught on the Clackamas and the Kalama. Now I'm not saying they are coming in massive numbers yet, but we can hope, and it's nice to stay local and not drive the few hours out east. Keep an eye on those river flows with the scattered rain throughout the forecast. Water visibility is down because of the fire damage in the upper drainages and the leave decay from fall, but this should improve with time. Now get out there and go fishing.