Meet Fisher Munro

My name is Fisher Munro, and I'm excited to be starting my career both at Royal Treatment, and in the fly fishing industry in general. It feels like this has been a long time coming. My parents often tell the story of when I was four years old, fishing off a dock in Lake Washington with my dad on a hot summer day. I was already enamored with fishing, though I may not have understood exactly how everything worked or even what species I was fishing for. After five grueling hours in the heat and no fish encountered, I still cried when my dad finally told me we had to leave.


I grew up in the Seattle area, fishing threads of snowmelt in the Cascades. The trout that come out of such a stream are like little silver shavings, the vibrancy of their world shining from their scales, and each was a miracle that drew me deeper. By the time I was twelve or thirteen, I had transitioned to fly fishing exclusively. Since then, I have fished across much of the Pacific Northwest. I went to college in the small town of Walla Walla in Southeast Washington. There I fished for steelhead and trout throughout Southeast Washington and Northeast Oregon. I love to stalk the beaches of Puget Sound for sea runs, coho, blackmouth, or even flounder. I picked up Spey casting several years ago and have been stepping and swinging my way down runs across the region ever since. But every summer, I returned to the Seattle area to pair my other great passion, hiking, with my fishing. My bread and butter are the alpine lakes, often in the most difficult to reach and beautiful areas of the Cascades. Nothing is more special than a 15-inch Westslope cutthroat that you caught while looking off the edge of one peak and standing in the shadow of another.


Working at Royal Treatment feels like a natural next step in my love for this sport. I am excited to meet you in the shop and share the passion and knowledge I have accumulated over the years. And I am confident that you will have as much to teach me as I teach you, so please feel free to hit me with just as many comments as you have questions. I'll be learning right alongside you, both how to work in a shop and about the sport in general, because the moment you stop learning is the moment you stop catching more fish. Since they have helped me so much, I have long understood the importance of fly shops as hubs of knowledge and a social outlet for the fly fishing community. I can't wait to start contributing to the wonderful community that has grown up around Royal Treatment. I am so grateful and excited for this opportunity, and I hope to see you coming through our doors soon.

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