Nick's Brett's Klamath intruder

Nick's Brett's Klamath intruder

Nick is going to show us his favorite Fall Steelhead fly for fishing in the Columbia River Basin

When Doug from Aqua Flies first showed us this fly we knew immediately that it was going to be a winner. For us and many of our customers this fly has been a go to for Fall Steelhead in the Columbia River Basin.


If you are planning a trip to the Deschutes, John Day, Klickitat, or Grande Ronde make sure you have a box full of these little terrors.

Thread: 140 UTC Fl Fire Orange

Shank: Aqua Flies 27mm Return Eye Shank
Wire: Senyo intruder wire
Hook: Aqua Talon Swing hook size 4
Butt: FNF Fritz Fire Coral
Flash: Krinkle Mirror Flash  
Legs: Micro rubber Legs 
Body: Rabbit Strip
Horns: Voodoo Fiber
Eyes: Bead Chain eyes 



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