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I've always said if you're worrying about your gear, you have the wrong gear. Here in the Tackle Bag I'll review some of the equipment I use that I have found adds to my experience on the water. If you need more information on a particular piece of gear, please call me at the shop. You can also sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the page to get notices about new Tackle Bag posts.

Bret's Klamath Intruder

Joel La Follette - Thursday, February 01, 2018
Brett’s Klamath Intruder


OPST Steelhead intruder shank 20mm
Senyo intruder wire
Gamakatsu octopus hook size 4
Ice dub 
Krinkle mirror flash  
Micro Rubber Legs 
Crosscut Rabbit
Lady Amherst Tail
Barbell or Bead Chain eyes  


Attach a Gamakatsu Octopus hook in size 4 or 6 to a 20mm shank with intruder wire.

Make a small dubbing ball at the rear of the shank. 

Tie in Krinkle Mirror Flash and Micro Rubber Legs in the round. Four strands at each corner.

Trim Rabbit fur from the hide strip and spin in a dubbing loop.

Add a few strand of Lady Amherst in contrasting color.

Hackle the front of the fly with contrasting color rabbit, again twisted in a dubbing loop.

Tie in barbell or bead chain eyes

This little intruder is one of the best small steelhead and trout swing flies that we have found. We have been using this little guy all over the place, John Day Steelhead, Deschutes trout or steelhead, the Metolius, anywhere you can swing a fly this bad boy will work.

This micro Intruder fly has all of the essential components that you need, rubber legs, flash, rabbit, and a trailing hook.

In the late fall fished on a sink tip this fly has proven extremely productive for summer steelhead. Pink and orange have been very effective colors.

For Trout we have been fishing the olive color and giving it a short strip and twitch. This technique has worked well for us on the Deschutes and the Metolius.


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