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Los Roques Bonefish Fly List

Joel La Follette - Friday, August 22, 2014

The best flies for Los Roques are smaller and usually light in color. Patterns in size 6 and 8 work very well, with size 6 being probably the most common and productive. Make sure a few of your flies are tied with weed guards. Start with your Bonefish Basics and add a few of the following patterns...

Bonefish Bitters                        size 6                Olive and Brown

Pink Puff                                  size 6-8            Bead-chain eyes and also 'blind'

Tan Raghead Crab                   size 6

Gummy Minnow                       size 6                Silver, Blue and Green  (bring plenty)

Clouser Minnow                       size 6                Grey/white, Tan/white w/bead chain eyes

Gotcha bead chain eyes            size 6-8

Exuma Mini Puff 'Cree'            size 6-8

Tan Puff                                   size 6-8

Mihieves Flats Fly                     size 6-8

Snapping shrimp                       size 8

Crazy Charlie                           size 6-8            Amber or Crystal Brown

Spawning Shrimp                      size 6-8 

La Follette’s Louie Louie Crab size 4-8

SMALL crab patterns can be deadly, the Raghead works well, but there are many others out there that do just fine. My Louie Louie was designed for Los Roques and it works very well. The important part is that they're on size 6 or 8 hooks and don't have large lead eyes. The smaller, the better. Some weedless patterns are a good idea.

For Cuda, Needlefish or a chartreuse and white Tarpon streamer with plenty of flashabou will work well.

Tarpon anglers should be prepared with a few smaller Cockroaches, Lefty's Deceivers and Flash-tail Whistler in sizes 1, 1/0 and 2/0. Most of the time Tarpon are in shallow water, often rolling or gulping air. Intermediate sinking lines can be handy, although a floater will get it the job done (requires shock tippet leaders 60-80 lb.). The Gummy Minnow is also very productive for goofy as it is. You’ll want size 2 or larger.

It's important that anglers show up with a good supply of flies as they are not available on Los Roques. If there is a rule for Los Roques Bonefish flies, it’s keep is light! Make sure your Bonefish Basics are stocked with plenty of bead chain or blind flies in size 6 and 8.

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