Trailer Trash Thursday


Trailer Trash Awards

This contest is held, overseen, judged and owned by Royal Treatment Fly Fishing. All entries will abide by all rules set forth in the Trailer Trash Thursday 13 Rules of the Road as posted below. As stated in these rules film makers are responsible for all content of their film and retain all marketing rights.

Awards will be given for

Best Cinematography

Best Storyline

Best Actor/Actress

Premiere Party

Royal Treatment Fly Fishing and our friends at Costa will host a Premiere Party in February 2015, at which time all entries chosen for final consideration by our panel of judges will be shown and prizes awarded.  The Best Picture Award will be announced and shown at the 2015 Fly Fishing Film Tour. 


Prizes will be awarded in each category. In addition, an overall Best Picture Award will be awarded from all entries received. Winners in each category will receive a pair of Costa sunglasses, an Airflo fly line and a bag’o misc. swag . Best picture award gets a pair of the new improved G3 Waders from Simms Fishing Products. The first 30 film makers to enter will receive two tickets to the 2014-2015 Fly Fishing Film Tour nearest their hometown.


Our panel of judges will be made up of fly fishing industry professionals. The decision of the judges will be final and not open for debate.


Trailer Trash Thursday

13 Rules of the Road

  1. 1.All film trailers must have a fly fishing theme and be at least 1 minute in length. There is a TV time limit of 4 minutes and 27 seconds for each entry, this will include credits and/or title page which combined can be no longer than 27 seconds...commercial sponsorship credits can be no longer than 5 seconds in total.

  2. 2.All Trailers must be PC and PG, after all this is a family fly shop. Any profanity or suggestive content in script, sound track or visuals is prohibited. If you would screen it in 4th grade, we’re good.

  3. 3.NO DEAD FISH. All fish shown on screen should be treated with care and respect, unless entry is a cooking film. Keep them wet and in the water.

  4. 4.No top secret or pirated materials may be used. Please credit any materials that should be credited.

  5. 5.No frontal nudity, no backtal nudity, no naked people at all.

6. No copyrighted, top secret naked pirates either.

  1. 7.Bears, fish, deer, elk, squirrels, opossums and other critters may appear in the nude if it adds to the overall storyline.

  2. 8. It is suggested, but not required, that film makers have a release signed by all actors that can be identified on screen. The above mentioned actors in rule 7 do not need to sign a release unless appearing in clothing not of their choosing.

  3. 9.Film makers are responsible for all content of their film and will grant Royal Treatment Fly Fishing the right to use said film for promotional purposes in newsletters, social media sites, on-line and live viewing and other uses consistent with the heart and spirit of this contest for a period of two years. Film makers will retain all marketing rights to their films.

  4. 10.Films must be posted on Vimeo. This is a free video hosting service and offers some editing and soundtrack tools.

  5. 11.Each entrant may enter two films in the contest, but they must have different story lines and film footage.

  6. 12.Deadline for entry is 12:00 midnight, on Ground Hogs Day, February 2nd, 2015.

  7. 13.Royal Treatment Fly Fishing reserves the right to amend these rules to maintain the heart and spirit of this contest. Anyone that is unable to abide by these rules will be disqualified and asked to stand in the corner and sing “Muskrat love.” Films that do not meet the rules listed above will not be entered and do not qualify to F3T tickets, swag or other goodies..

No Campers, this is not a politically incorrect derogatory reference, this is a film contest! Film trailers people!  Ever think you had what it takes to be a fly fishing film star? Roll camera, quiet on the set and ACTION! Get your River Runs Through It creative juices flowing and start putting your film trailer together now. We'll be having a Red Carpet Party in February, 2015, to premier the entries and decide who's made a treasure and who’s film ends up in the trash.

Five easy steps to enter Trailer Trash Thursday

1. Read and understand the 13 Rules of the Road.

2. Make your film.

3. Post it to Vimeo.

4. Email a link to your video. Include your name and contact information.

5. Make some popcorn.