Tyer's Table with Todd Hirano

Date: 07-Mar-2020
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Surface Skaters are the jam this Saturday as Todd Hirano makes his debut appearance at the Tyer's Table with his Little Wang and Bivisi-Bomber. While most anglers aren't as optimist as Todd and his merry band of wakers, having a surface fly or two in your box is the first step to enlightenment. The number of fish caught on the surface with waking, or skaters is in direct correlation to the number of hours surface flies are fished. If you never fish one, it will never work. With Steelhead encounters at a dramatic low, watching a fly on the surface is entertaining and at least gives you something to focus on.

Todd Hirano is a native of Kauai, Hawaii who has been chasing steelhead with dry flies since the late 80's. His passion for pursuing steelhead with surface methods was borne out of reading Dry Line Steelhead by Bill McMillan. Todd's obsession with experiencing the thrills of steelhead rises has led to him to developing the Little Wang and Bivisi-Bomber for fishing on surface throughout the year.

This Saturday, focus on the surface as Todd inspires you to take your Steelhead game to the next level. The fun starts at 11:30.

Little Wang

Material list

Hook:  heavy nymph, such as TMC 3761 or 3769 (sproat bend, down eye, regular or 1xl), sizes 4 to 10

Thread:  Veevus GSP 150 denier for sz6 on up, 100 denier for size 8 & 10.  White (for rear half of fly) and black.

Tail:  moose body – equal to overall length of the hook, 4 strands of Krystal flash (color of your choice) on each side

Butt: globrite floss, often florescent green or orange 

Body: globrite floss of contrasting color, uni yarn, or Veevus iridescent floss.

Thorax: Hareline cactus chenille or ice dub in dubbing loop.

Shellback/lip: 2mm foam often black, pink, tan, brown,  etc, cut into elongated triangle shape

Accents behind wing: 4 strands of Krystal flash (color of your choice) on each side

Wing: cow elk - black, natural, medium dun, orange, or purple.  Tie on top of hook with butts pushed downward to flare around the hook.

Visibility posts: 2mm foam in yellow and white, cut to shape.


Material list

Thread: Veevus GSP 150 denier black or white 

Hook:  Gamakatsu baitholder hook size 2 or 4, with barbs on back smashed flat, Partridge bomber hook, or 3xl streamer hook such as TMC 5263. 

Tail:  moose body, bucktail, or squirrel tail  (colors of your choice)

Front facing wing: white Bucktail, divided and cut to length

Body: deer hair, color(s) of your choice 

Hackle: saddle, color of your choice, use two feathers if barbs are fine.  Choose feathers with stiff barbs

Overwing: cow elk, color of your choice, I am most commonly using black


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