Ringing in the New Year

Date: 01-Jan-2020
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Standing 130-feet above the sea this battered column does not look very imposing when looking out on the vastness of the waters to the west. Yet, Bluewater sailors will tell you nothing lifts the spirits more than the sighting of this beacon on the headland overlooking the Graveyard of the Pacific. Day or night, North Head Light offered hope, comfort, and the promise of safe passage.

Since 1898, the Light has weathered storms and time becoming the subject of dramatic photographs and paintings, and the background for millions of “selfies” while still guiding sailors safely home. Myself included.

To me, North Head is a connection and a reminder of the people and places that helped me navigate to where I am today. It remains a symbol of hope, offering me a touchstone from my past as I look out to the future.

Yesterday, as the calendar marked the beginning of a new year and decade, I returned to the Light to start a new adventure. At 46°17’57” N, 124°04’48” W, she said "yes."

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