The Humor of Fly Fishing

Date: 26-Jan-2019
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Fly Fishing often gets the bad rap of being a snooty pastime with the practitioners of the sport unable to see the humor in wading ice-cold rivers in leaky waders and spending thousands of dollars to catch a fish they turn loose. Visitors from other planets have probably visited during opening day and figured out there is no intelligent life on Earth so just passed right on by on their way to Pluto.

If they had stuck around long enough they may have observed some of the comical circumstances that anglers find themselves in; although the humor may be lost on those involved until they dried off and the feeling returned to important appendages. While piercing various body parts has become mainstream, adding pirate-like fashion statements on your backcast while standing in the bow of a drift boat can’t help but bring a smile to your face. Doing it to your partner in the rower's seat takes it to a whole new level. Just hold the laughter until you leave the emergency room.    

In an effort to tickle your funny bone we searched far and wide to find a team of comedic anglers willing to share some of their most hilarious exploits to prove once and for all fly anglers have a sense of humor. We can laugh at ourselves without fear of looking like complete idiots. In this effort, I’m afraid we failed. However, we did manage to assemble a collection of former stand-up comics who dabble in angling and literary pursuits. Hey, it’s the best I could do on short notice! 

Join us on January 26th, as Tom Alkire, Scott “Uncle Fuzzy” Richmond, Dave “Big Sucker" Hughes and Rick “the Bugwan” Hafele share some of their best stand-up acts from their latest compilation album “Being a nut in a room full of squirrels.”

Check your tomatoes at the door and join us at 10:30 for non-stop giggles. 

Boy, I hope they don't bomb.

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