Tyer's Table with Jay Nicholas

Date: 01-Dec-2018
Capacity: Not Set (0% booked)


This will be big! The last few tying sessions the focus has been on those tiny little flies we've been teasing Trout with. Well, we need to mix it up. For mixing it up there is no one better than our good friend, Jay Nicholas. Jay can switch from Sea-runs to Tuna in mid-sentence so going big is not a problem. His feather and fur creations are both practical and artistic with a touch of whimsy tossed in for good measure. 

Jay loves to share the knowledge he has garnered over his many years of chasing almost anything with fins. The collection of books he has penned on various angling subjects rivals the works of Tom Clancy and Elmore Leonard in number, but lack the evil villains or attempts at world domination. Jay focuses on fish, flies and the bringing together of the two. 

This Saturday, Jay will share the big patterns he's been experimenting with for a variety of fish and when I say big, I mean "is that a fly box or suitcase" big. Spend the day with this fly tying icon and join us as the Tyer's Table goes big or goes home. The fun starts when Jay gets here... and he's always early. Roll in around 10:00 and you shouldn't miss a thing. 

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